Check out AW15 pieces inspired by football

Check out AW15 pieces inspired by football

The ellesse relationship with football began in 1970s with the Italian national team launching the “Nazione” jacket (nation) in 1978.

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In the early 1980s, Leonardo Servadio and his ellesse team were granted advertising space at the stadiums hosting World Cup matches, along with the likes of Coca Cola.

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The athletes considered ellesse to be a lucky charm as their performance improved, and their superstition prevailed when Italy went on to win the World Cup final against Germany. Photos of Tardelli celebrating after scoring the victorious goal immortalised the ellesse brand logo which appeared on the banners in the background.

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The Mondial jacket was a beautiful piece created for the Italian team for the world cup. The lining of the jacket featured a print of a map of the world. The jacket has since been reinterpreted and reappears in the ellesse Spring/Summer collections.

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In the 1980s and 1990s, the sportswear worn by the Italian teams became a key piece in a fashion movement in Europe and especially the UK, which became known as ‘terrace culture’. This casual fashion became a nationwide obsession that would define a generation. Acquiring footwear and tracksuit jackets from abroad became the ultimate accolade. Travelling football fans in particular became able to get their hands on brands when following their teams’ European endeavors.


Today, ellesse still draws on the football inspiration with the Rimini, Gasp, Giason, Mundial and Enzo available to purchase. Find out more about the ellesse history here.


You can add a piece of ellesse history to your wardrobe at the site, which offers international delivery.

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