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On set with the stylist – Spring Summer 2016

On the set of the recent ellesse Spring/Summer 2016 shoot, we spoke to London-based stylist Krishan Parmer. A fan of ellesse throughout his teenage years and still following the brand today, Krishan let us in on his first experiences of ellesse, and some top tips on how to start out as a stylist.


Number 1 piece of advice to someone hoping to be a stylist?

Stay true to an aesthetic that you enjoy – when I first started, I used to dress with lots of prints and colour because that is what I love and that aesthetic remains throughout my work. I was like a walking buck-a-roo. Since then my personal style has changed – I dress more for comfort and functionality, however the aesthetic that started my interest in the industry remains true in my work now. Many stylists change their inspiration like the wind, changing with the trends. I try to take a current trend and add my own style. So it’s about finding the element of fashion that appeals to you and staying true to it. 

Who is your style icon?

I’m a real believer that fashion can’t be fashion if it is solely commercial, it has to be really interesting and engaging and about big ideas. Someone like Anna Piaggi, is someone I looked up to – she is one of the old school eccentrics and the way she dressed was a work of art. It was intricate and interesting and layered, with different textures, which is quite reflective of my work now – very clashy in the colours and textures. Layering really interests me. 

If you could style anyone, who would it be and why?

That’s a tough question! I guess someone like the Queen, because she is very elegant in the way she dresses but her style hasn’t really evolved over time. I think as the royal family is more fashion conscious and they’re marketed as style icons, it would be interesting to see what risks you could take with someone slightly older. Could the Queen wear something above the knee? Could she wear different colours? Could she wear pattern or print? Kate Middleton is known globally for her style, and what she wears sells out across the world. So definitely someone classic. I’d like to try the Queen in a nice little trouser suit with a blouse. 

Universal styling tip

Less is more! With my private clients, we say ‘effortless effort’ – you should never look like you’ve been styled or let your clothes wear you. It should always look like they woke up and looked that hot! The aim is to remain aspirational and at the same time achievable. It’s taking a trend and doing it in your own way. People who do this well include Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo, they are fashion forward and they embrace new trends but they always look timeless. 

For guys, I really like the way Joe Casely-Hayford dresses. He is sartorial without looking like he has tried. At the other end of the spectrum, I really like how someone like Professor Green always looks super stylish, but is always really relaxed. 

What is in your stylist box of tricks?

Realistically clips and pins and I always have body tape. I always keep some safety pins on my keys – my friends have come to rely on me to have them! 


Do you have a favourite app?

If I’m honest, Google maps! This is invaluable for a stylist. There’s a cool shopping one called ‘Grabble’ which is like a dating app for fashion, you swipe when you see something you like, you are then shown more items like it! There’s also an app called ‘Yr Store’, where you can design your own print and get them printed onto garments which is cool. 

 Weirdest styling brief 

I’ve had some pretty weird briefs, including direction such as ‘we want her to embody a tyrannosaurus eating an orange’! They wanted really restricted movements and I understood what they meant! Arty people can tend to speak in weird riddles, you get all sorts.

Tell us about your earliest memory of ellesse

My earliest memories of ellesse are from 1996 or 1997 with the popper tracksuits the Spice Girls wore – I used to ask my mum all the time for the tracksuit! Eventually I got the joggers. It’s great to see these brands enjoying a big resurgence now. I remember the brand at school – there was the Nike and Adidas crew and then the ellesse and Le Coq Sportif crew. They were the cool kids – they went for European fashion brands versus the mainstream fashion brands. 

How would you describe ellesse?

Tailored sportswear. With ellesse, you can throw on a tracksuit and it still looks super stylish – like you’ve made an effort. I’ve been to Fashion Week this year and spotted people wearing ellesse sweatshirts on the front row and that wouldn’t have happened 5 years ago. It’s great to see it has cemented itself as a fashion brand as well as still being functional and technical. 

How should ellesse be worn going into winter this year?

As I’ve mentioned it’s all about what works for you – so logo sweatshirts are a key trend, worn with tailored trousers, in line with ‘Sunday fashion’ – which is relaxed easy to wear, fun… ellesse pieces add a bit of fun to outfits. The logo tees can be worn with a blazer or bomber jacket. A sweatshirt with a shirt underneath also looks great. 

Which is your favourite piece from the Spring Summer collection?

The logo T-shirt – modern and contemporary with archive influences. I also love the ellesse heritage pieces – it rekindles my school memories of the brand. Also, the black sports casual trousers looked like the comfiest things ever. There were just so many products that made my wishlist for next season.


Check out the Spring Summer collection from January 2016 on Facebook.