Robert McGinnis paints ‘la vita ellesse’

In 2011, ellesse commissioned a world-renowned artist to create four vintage inspired illustrations: one for each season of the year. The artist in question? The legendary Robert McGinnis.

McGinnis is best known for his illustrations of over 1,200 paperback book covers and most famously for his Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster, Barbarella and illustrations for several James Bond films.

The theme of the illustrations was Italian nostalgia and each painting was set in four different iconic locations around Italy. Each painting represents ‘la vita ellesse’, the ellesse lifestyle of passion, freedom and romance.

The Spring image (pictured) is set in a Portofino Tennis Club overlooking Portofino Harbour. With ellesse seen as the ultimate Italian tennis brand it seemed only natural to use the Portofino Tennis Club as the backdrop.

Watch the full interview with Robert McGinnis and to see why he chose to work with ellesse.

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