ellesse logo

The story of our logo

The very name and logo of ellesse originate in the founder of the brand: Leonardo Servadio.

Do you know the story? Read on to find out more, and ask others if they know where the name comes from and what the logo means. Once you know about professional writer service the tennis ball and ski tips, they’re unmissable!


The Beginning: 1959

The very first ellesse logo was made up from founder Leonardo Servadio’s name and initials. His essay writer cheap name was soon dropped from either side so that by the mid-1960s, it just existed as L&S… ‘elle’ and ‘esse’.



As the logo evolved, the name ‘ellesse’ was spelled out with the L&S highlighted.


Image 3


The shaded L&S was discontinued and the half ball device also known as the ‘semi palla’ was introduced and positioned over the ‘esse’ part of the logo. The half ball is a hybrid design of the tips of two skis and a section of a tennis ball. Can you see it?


The logo evolved over the years to arrive at the design we see today with red, orange and white being key to our identity.